środa, 23 sierpnia 2017

DZKYIN - All We Need Is Love Shock [ER032]

What you expect to hear on this EP? (Made by DZKYIN, owner of Antropofagia records) Wobble bassline? Beautiful singing? Absolutely not! Get ready for brutal noise patterns, ultra speed bassdrum (which you can hear in background) extratone drops, and great work with pitch effect.

01. All We Need Is Love Shock (Part 1)
02. All We Need Is Love Shock (Part 2) 

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czwartek, 17 sierpnia 2017

Death To Your Eardrums - The Most Annoying Sounds In The World [ER031]

The latest DTYE material is extratone of the highest quality. Atmospheric and hellish, but this artist is also not afraid to experiment with other genres (check out "Stepping Out My Tone"). Recommended to all black hearted souls. Satan Inside!

01. Blood Leaking Eardrums
02. Psycho Sounds
03. Stepping Up My Tone
04. The Most Annoying Sound In The World 

(The pack also includes tracks in WAV format)

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czwartek, 10 sierpnia 2017

PilzKrieger - Vlad der Pfähler [ER030]

With his new EP, PilzKrieger (eng. Mashroom Warrior) continues his journey. It is uncompromising, disturbing, classic extratone. Brutal. Every fan of this genre will enjoy that Trip.

01. Ausrotten
02. Bergenot Teufel
03. Qualvoll Verrecken
04. Sterbende Schwämme 

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czwartek, 3 sierpnia 2017

DJ Mucus - Summer of Love [ER029]

While most producers make a song or EP, DJ Mucus releases another album. "Summer of Love" is a collection of typical summer hits (of course, typical for this artist). I can't say more about this album than it's just pure version of Mucus himself. The track which caught the most of my attention is "Fix Bloody Fix" due to its unique blockbuster. Have fun listening in the shade of the palm trees.

1. 666 cpr
2. Let's Defecate Together
3. Sikorsky
4. Flex Bloody Flex
5. Futa Festival
6. It's All Right
7. My Track For Anti-Flex Records
8. Decrepit Luncheonette
9. Janis Dumpilng
10. Fix Bloody Fix
11. Ramon Has Vocaloîd
12. Summer of Love
13. The Actual Schnetz
14. I Hate What U Do But I Like The Way U Do It
15. The Champion Of My Love
16. Church Of Zion
17. Raw Fixageddon
18. Swarming Of Lovely Drones

Bonus: Liner (Author note)

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wtorek, 25 lipca 2017

EXTRATONE Sampler Vol.5 (World Disease) [ER028] - CD or FREE Download -

The price is 8EUR + Shipping
If You are interested, send your order here: extratonerec.orders@o2.pl

...but You can also DOWNLOAD it for FREE (post below)

niedziela, 9 lipca 2017

EXTRATONE Sampler Vol.5 (World Disease) [ER028]

Another volume of our magnificent compilation, in which artists from all over the world had to show their roots trough music, to make it as diverse as possible. Therfore you will find here: heavy German massacre, Dutch loose, technical Japan, hot Brazilian tempo, and much more. Of course, as always, we do not go below 1000BPM. Download it. It's a safe bet.

1. TommY RuleZ - W Szybkim Kinie
2. C.R.O.W. - Bem te vi voou voou Paranaue Parana!!!
3. 666SpeedTone999 - Anti-Fascist's Alarm Ringtone
4. El Krawallo - German National Psycho
5. Cherry Crush - Radio Qj Mi Huq FM
6. NeedrazyX - Extich8b
7. Hersenerosie - Burenruzie
8. Coakira - Social Network Sacrifice
9. Goreshit - St.Pauls
10. The Mother Fucker - Extratone Made in Italy
11. Dzkyin - Frevo's Extratone
12. Monoqlom - Near and Far
13. The Modulator - Posadenia Linda
14. Gabberdoom - Pipo Speedclown
15. Eater of Sheep - YorkshRRRRR
16. Distorted Maniac ft DDSL - Friesvak Herrie
17. Hate Eater - Heroes
18. Extratrolls - Wat een Kutfeest

This compilation is also relesed on CD (limited to 100 copies).
The price is 8EUR + Shipping
If You are interested, send your order here: extratonerec.orders@o2.pl

Free DOWNLOAD [ER028] (Direct download)
Free DOWNLOAD [ER028] (From Archive.org)
Free DOWNLOAD [ER028] (From Zippyshare.com)
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YouTube PLAYLIST [ER028]

wtorek, 23 maja 2017

Distorted Maniac - Extratone Holland [ER027]

Classic extratone/speedcore served by Distorted Maniac (aka. Lord of Sp33d). Simple and powerful. Made with a big sense of humor (and balls). As committed to a pseudonym, full of distortion. You want to have it!

1. 2 Violen En Een Trommel En Wat Ruis
2. Legion Of Extratone Anthem (De Wereld Is Tone)
3. All You Need Is Tone FT MC DRRRR
4. SnellaBeatz
5. Stoeprand Aanranding
6. Tomaten Aan De Oxazepam

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niedziela, 7 maja 2017

Si.rAk-Sa - II [ER026]

"II" is basically continuation of released some time ago "I". Inside, you will find everything, that Si.rAk-sa get you used to. Mechanical-metallic sounds and industrial soundscapes are characteristic sauce for his classic mix of noise and extratone (this time, with bigger dose of the second one). We look forward for the "III".

1. Tonedrugs(fv)
2. Imb
3. 731
4. Impaled

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czwartek, 20 kwietnia 2017

Kral - All Your Fears [ER025]

These 5 tracks are really impressing. Very original, unique sound. Yes, this is extratone beat-based music, but it makin' imagination work... here's recipe: Blastin' kicks on extremly high speed, acid-like basslines, a bit of noise and Roland LAPC-1 style percussion (just to make it sounds a bit ritual) and you'll have "Kral - All Your Fears". It's recommended to listen this album not only to extratone fans, but for every person, who appreciates interesting and difficult music.

1. Enemy
2. Minimum Power
3. Old Machine
4. Symbiot
5. Chemtrails

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środa, 22 marca 2017

Legion of Speedcore Anthem (The Remixes) [ER024]

This album is very special for us in both terms: first of all, this is our first physical release (limited to 100 copies). Secondly, it was created as a part and promotion of the LEGION OF SPEEDCORE event. You can find here different versions of L.O.S. Anthem - starting from noisy speedcore, through extratone, ending with harsh noise. Just take a look at the list of the artists to know what you are about to deal with.

1. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Original MIX)
2. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (DJ Mucus RMX)
3. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Dzkyin RMX)
4. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Noizefucker RMX)
5. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Eater of Sheep RMX)
6. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Destruction MIX)
7. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (El Krawallo RMX)
8. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Skat Injector RMX)
9. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (ExtraTrolls RMX)
10. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Dexcore Vs. D.D.S.L RMX)

11. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (The Dark Sanctuary RMX)

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