sobota, 11 lutego 2017

M.A.X The Disintergrator 329 & DJ Mucus - Filth [ER022]

The awesomeness of this material is unspeakable! Those 2 Guys (or Cats) brings us 100% of pure extratone, noisy and filthy. If music genres were a woman, surely they would treat to this release like to dirty bitch. You can find here a lot of squeezy sounds, Ultra fast tempos (the BPM's are countless) and sometimes painful doses of noise. This album is the absolutely "must have" for every XTRTN freak. In other way, if You are not a fan of Tone, make sure that you said "good bye" to your family before you play it (loud).

(The Album also contains a "Filth" note from authors, about how they work)

1. Welcome To The Extratone
2. The Trauma Of Liberty
3. We R Filthy SupAstar Dj's (ANTICLIMAX)
4. Phenalopraxen (Tripping in NL )
5. Pedestrian Nyctophobia
6. 404 Errors
7. SonicDemonic Cleansing With The HarshesttrashTone From HELL With An Eschatological Overview
8. Rewarded For Stupidity
9. Filth
10. Magic Oesophagus
11. Killing The Icecream Man With A Cone
12. Speedcore Is For Pussies
13. HNW Febble Bastard
14. Your MOM in Extratone
15. Tone Therapy Music For Inner Healing Of Your Slowness

- - -

wtorek, 7 lutego 2017

The Modulator - XDM [ER021]

Short, but very nice debut! It sound almost like a metal band that creates music on Gameboy. A lot of speed, a lot of madness and a little bit of melody. What more can I say? Enjoy the TONE!

(The EP also contains a "A First time Note" written by author about his material)

1. Dolan's House (Original Mix)
2. Infection Drrrmagotia (VIP)
3. XDM (X-Treme Dance Music)

- - - 

sobota, 4 lutego 2017

PilzKrieger - Verwesungsprozess [ER020]

This Short material from PilzKrieger is another debut in our label. It contains a simple, but very powerful and classical type of extratone. Every fan of this genre should like it. I'm sure of that.

01. Schöne Metzgerei
02. Zu schnell für dein Hirn
03. Leichenschändung

- - -

niedziela, 22 stycznia 2017

Smiderpan - 8 Legged Xtratone [ER019]

Smiderpan (also known as EATER OF SHEEP) is basically an interesting collection of samples matched with a certain amount of humor, intermingled (as always with us) with extratone. This EP is like a spider bite, short and intense. (By the way, I wonder if after such a bite there is a Trip?)

01. Intro
02. You're Fired
03. Sucky Sucky
04. Not Quite
05. Love Hurts (Extended Version)
06. Spider Venom
07. Arachnid Dreams
08. Spider Blood
09. End Credits

- - -

piątek, 30 grudnia 2016

Death To Your Eardrums - Satanic Noises [ER018]

Death To Your Eardrums (aka Suicide Death Squad, Pestilence, Black Death and STK) give us 100% Satan Inside, pure extratone madness spiced with a spoon of black metal sulfur. It's basically all what defines both genres. Wheezing gitars, hellish throat exhalations, keys from demented church and real devilish speed - nothing more to add. Ear drums burst but the pain is pleasant.

01. Black Metal Tone
02. Jungle of Noize
03. Satanic Noises
04. Tone Ov Noize

- - - 

niedziela, 18 grudnia 2016

M.A.X The Disintergrator 329 - Antimatter [ER017]

The solo material of one of the members of DDSL (and also EXTRATONE Rec.) is the worst possible extratone ever (of course in the good meaning). Just look at the track titles, to presume with what content you have to deal with in here. Hard, noisy, brutal and vulgar. Warning! Playing this material is creating anti-matter!

01. Antimatter
02. Aftershock
03. SlaughterFucked Disintergration of a Slowcore Whore
04. Fucking & Mutilating
05. WonderTone (Five-Minutes Extra's of Tone)
06. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Ft. Lord Of Sp33d)
07. Spectral Darkness (From The Void)

- - -

poniedziałek, 12 grudnia 2016

DJ Mucus - What The Fuck Is That Shit? [ER016]

The next album, in which Dj Mucus holds the ground on the Extratone scene, as one of the best producers. You can find everything that Mucus accustomed you to, noisy squeaks and mega fast tempos, embellished with a large dose of humour, and distance to the scene. I will take the liberty to quote the author himself: "I wanted to do a small album trolling the shit out of the xtrtn scene, but I didn't have the spunk, so it's not time for everybody to hate me yet. You'll notice that there is some bashing, to take with a pinch of salt, as always, coz I want humour in my music".
Whate else is there to say? Dj Mucus in his top magnificence!

(The material also contains the alternative cover image, and a full disclosure from the author about album)

01. WTF Is That Intro?
02. Faster Than The Beatles
03. Smooth Hellfucker
04. The Free Speech Project
05. Balsamic Only
06. Hammer Splashed Hipster
07. My Take On Fibonacci
08. Civilized Talks
09. Fetish For FETO
10. I Hate Hate
11. Your Life Meets A Happy Ending
12. The Baphomet Is A Tranny

- - -
YouTube PLAYLIST [ER016]

wtorek, 15 listopada 2016

Gabberdoom - End Times, The Cataclysmic Impact [ER015]

Gabberdomes debut material is half speedcore, half extratone. Generally speaking each track could be a short soundtrack for enclosed in the title end of the world. You can find here (as usual with us) mega fast tempos, ornamented with dark and gloomy climate.

01. End Times Cataclism
02. Cataclismic Impact
03. 3 Days Of Darkness
04. End Of The World

- - -

środa, 2 listopada 2016

Kral - Colours of my Mind [ER014]

Kral, with his debut Ep warps extratone into more calm and experimental regions. You obviously can find that characteristic "vibrating" bass, but it is more in the background, or it is some kind of complement of the tracks composition. Item rather gentle, recommended as a break, or a short offjump from classical headbangers.

01. Externation
02. Mindfucker
03. Psychomatic
04. Unitec

- - -

poniedziałek, 24 października 2016

Hell is Here - Fuck! (For Scums Only) [ER013]

The Ep, which is hitting you, is a short, but tasty bite. In particular the fans of non-compromissable metal, with which extratone is weaving in every single track should be contented. Well, the title, and the cover art of this material speak for themselves. A shot in the face. Nice.

01. Intro
02. Dead Heart
03. Into The Black Delirium
04. Fuck! (For Scums Only)
05. Outro