czwartek, 23 sierpnia 2018

Cornhole Crucifixion - Rift in Anal Prolapse [ER043]

We present you another uncompromising artist, whose music is going to leave everlasting memory trace in your head. Content of this release is is a psychedelic journey through the land of shit and vomits where unicorns rape fairies in the glow of rainbow. Album dirty and ugly like 80's porn, addictive like heroine. BreakTONE/FlexTONE/Noise mix for fans of Passenger of Shit and MG Mucus.

(For the request of artist, first [direct/archive] link contains MP3 and WAV format. If you wish to download only MP3 please use the second [zippy] link.)

03. Fasaa
05. Sexy Fuckhole
06. Sweet Wank

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niedziela, 5 sierpnia 2018

Gabberdoom - Lucifer [ER042]

I cannot deny that if I talk about extratone - he is one of my favourite artists, and that's why it so difficult for me to keep this description impartial. The Album is overpacked with it's characteristic style: distorted kicks and samples, strongly flavored with overclocked tempos. Played correctly (loud) will stroke and tickle your heads from the inside.  Handle with care, Lucifer inside!

(For the request of artist, first [direct/archive] link contains MP3 and WAV format. If you wish to download only MP3 please use the second [zippy] link.)

[Original artwork by Paul Gustave Doré]

01. Ganz Muzik
02. Begin!
03. Follow ur Demons
04. Lethal Weapon
05. Kill 4 tis
06. Murder scene
07. (666) Si U in Hell
08. What the Hell
09. Nightmares become Reality
10. The virus

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wtorek, 19 czerwca 2018

Extrabieep - Noizes [ER041]

We have another debut in our digital records collection. The content of the EP is a classic extratone, interwoven with samples from the author's favourite horrors. It bodes well for the future.

01. Exorcism (Intro)
02. Chucky's Nightmare
03. Folterkammer
04. Jigsaw's Massacre

FREE DOWNLOAD [ER041] (Direct download)
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YouTube PLAYLIST [ER041]

środa, 13 czerwca 2018


I think, that PRESSTERROR is well known by most of extreme-electronic music fans. However, for those who meet him for the first time ...

He is a german producer of SUICIDECORE - a violent mix of bloody speedcore and extratone, served with a GORE sauce.
This album is a kind of sound journey through the snuff movies and B class horrors. Painful but pleasant. You listen to it at your own risk, because it threatens to suicide.

09. Diabarha - Blom Zero A (PRESTERROR DRRRRRREMIX)


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poniedziałek, 12 marca 2018

13 Ghouls - The Wretched Ones [ER039]

If You are a real xtrtn fan, then you should understand the mechanical coldness flowing out of this material. Seven tracks of razor-sharp sounds with melodies straight from old horror movies. Highly recommended as a soundtrack for nuclear winter.

(For the request of artist, first [direct/archive] link contains MP3 and WAV format. If you wish to download only MP3 please use the second [zippy] link.)

01. Mutants
02. Splintered Sanity
03. The Hour
04. Descending
05. Purge
06. Ashes
07. Aftermath

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sobota, 17 lutego 2018

Eater of Sheep - Beyond Neptune [ER038]

Eater of Sheep returns with a new, space-themed, EP. Three tracks, in a typical for this artist style, embellished with an amazing Sci-Fi atmosphere. You know what to do.

01. Beyond Neptune
02. Supervoid
03. Flying Saucer

FREE DOWNLOAD [ER038] (Direct download)
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YouTube PLAYLIST [ER038]

środa, 31 stycznia 2018

Kral - Inside [ER037]

Kral's style has evolved. His fourth, solo material is probably the most mature so far. Each track is a little bit different. Inside we can find characteristic for this artist sounds, spiced with a bit of darkness, or interwoven with piano parts. The album, though short, draws in.

01. Go!
02. Boys
03. Inside
04. Rebel
05. Savoir Vivre
06. Obsession

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niedziela, 14 stycznia 2018

(Not So) Short history of EXTRATONE Rec.

The fifth year has passed since the founding of the EXTRATONE (Rec.) group, so it is a good time for a wider summary of our activity ...

When I heard extratone for the first time (some track of Ralph Brown ) I thought to myself, "What is it all about?" however, listening to many genres of extreme music, I quickly discovered that this musical branch (imo) is the punk simplicity, black metal rawness and the stylistics known to me from the Gore-Grind bands, translated into electronic music. I was hooked.

Wishing to share my discovery with the world, I've founded the EXTRATONE group, which aims to share information and to concentrate artists dealing with this field of electronic art in one place. Almost every member of the group was the administrator then, and the only requirement for posting (this works until today) was to put only extratone music, and things more or less related to it. As well as mutual respect.

At the time, still watching the speedcore / breakcore scene, I've decided to try my luck in the new genre I discovered, creating my first extratone EP "Extratone FUNky". What surprised me, the labels I've known so far, have been purging my request to release this material, claiming that its not even music, or complains about the low quality of the material, at the same time referring me to the label "1000+", focused on publishing things above 1000bpm. Inspired by their activity, I've decided to go a step further.

In 2013, with the help of Thorsten Kuznik, I published the compilation "EXTRATONE Sampler Vol.1 (Simple ... but POWERFUL)" in Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel, on which I collected music mainly from people inside the group. I made a meaningful cover in paint and Jakub Bobowski (Loffciamcore) was asked for mastering the songs.

The compilation aroused considerable interest, as evidenced by its continuation in "EXTRATONE Sampler Vol.2 (BREAKE The SPEEED)", in 2014, containing twice as many performers. Other artists, also got involved in collecting songs. The idea of the second part was to show extratone as a more diverse style, which is why the tracks were divided into the more typical and the more broken ones. Mastering was taken care of by the same man, and the cover created by me again, referred (partly also to the title) to my intense desire to break with my addiction at the time.

The year 2015 was heavier for me. Events organized by me, originally focused on promoting this genre, meet with practically zero attendance. I started to believe, that extratone is completely exhausted and my further involvement in its development and promotion is decreasing. However, later this year I release the next part of "EXTRATONE Sampler Vol.3 (Underground IN Underground)", which title reflects my attitude towards the stage at the time. Not wanting to impose anyone, I've done it independently, without mestering, only by leveling the volume of the songs received, with the thought, that it will be the last compilation.

However, it did not happen. Motivated by questions about my further activity, I've decided to set up my own label, which will be aimed at publishing further compilations, as well as solo materials of more or less known artists from the xtrtn circle. I added the REC suffix to the already known group logo (composed of squares to be associated with the WAV graph of thick beat), stylized as a diode from a hand-held camera, inspired by a B-class film of the same title. For help with covers I've asked Alex Montana, whose strict style suits me very much, and I've entrusted my care over the YouTube channel to Daniil Zolotukhin. I've set up a blog, for the first official release, acknowledging the third part of the sampler and starting March 2016 with solo publishing of other artists.

In May, we released the next part of the compilation "EXTRATONE Sampler Vol.4 (... above US There Is Only SILENCE)". The title and cover refer to the fact, that the repeatedly accelerated kicks eventually turn into frequencies and into silence finally. At the same time, I've asked Ramon Fokkema for promoting the label, who starts with a series of events called LEGION OF SPEEDCORE. Works on the radio stream were in progress, which lasted only for a moment. After that, the project was postponed.

In June, I completely resigned from organizing my own events, leaving the RAVING RABBITS collective, just to focus on subsequent releases. The fourth sampler have aroused so much interest, that in the creation of its next, smaller version "EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 4,5 (Music for the TILTED Generation)", we used songs sent after its release. Its title and cover refer to a certain, well-known album of The Prodigy. At the time there were more solo EP's published also.

The year 2017 brings further changes. For the promotion of LEGION OF SPEEDCORE #2, our first physical release "Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (The Remixes)" is created, this time more speedcore. Costs of it were entirely covered by Ramon, and the money earned on it, were spent on the further event development. At work on the cover, based on my drawing, Koh David known as DJ MUCUS helped us and was asked for further cooperation. The release, as usuall, is also free to download.

Works on the next CD, this time the thematic release of the sampler, which for years has become my "eye in mind" were underway. Unfortunately, the requirements of the printing and stamping company, as the quality of the files turned out to be quite high, and the implementation of my idea (the earth globe covered with mold, which I specially grew for this purpose in a jar on my balcony) no one wanted to take. I was looking for another artist, and the release of "EXTRATONE Sampler Vol.5 (World Disease)" was delayed. Jakub Szajba Bińkowski, a graphic artist and photographer, who commits to take up the challenge, comes to help. The sampler finally reveals itself. The cost of its production and copies being shared with Ramon in half. At the same time, Marcel Paas aka Gabberdoom began to support our label promotion.

We have the beginning of 2018, what will it bring? We do not know yet, but I'll try to write about the changes on a regular basis.

P.S. I'm sorry that I did not mention all the artists involved by name and surname, but I tried to focus on the most important things.

Also big thx for support to: Neil Lar, Akira Sato, Jacek Chałas Dashkowsky, Erik van den Berg, Sergio Noizover Gallagher, Sven Lindt, Lik Dakorshikyo, Michael Arne Hansen, Szymon Błoński, Zadok Allen, Ian Garside and Maciej Rydelek.

środa, 20 grudnia 2017

Gabberdoom - Moments In Life [ER036]

There are such moments in life, when buying a bottle of liquor would be appropriate thing to do. EP which goes to You right now, is like that bottle, from Gabberdoom, on his 50th birthday. It is noble, and long maturing liquor (in limited edition - as we can read on label), with a power of pure fire. Cheers!

01. Never Forget
02. The past ...
03. You don't know me!
04. Half a Century 

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poniedziałek, 11 grudnia 2017

7!cHO - EXTRATONE FUNkill [ER035]

The continuation, or if You prefer, the second part of released some time ago (by 1000+) "EXTRATONE FUNky". It is hard to write something about own material, so let's try this way:

... a bit of philosophy, a bit of fun, and some killing speed...

01. Just Ashes and Amen
02. If Music is a Woman, I treat Her like a Whore
03. FUNkill Fodder
04. Paris HILL Tone
05. Becouse I CAN
07. Ear Burner 

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