niedziela, 17 lipca 2016

DJ Mucus - Yes Asshole [ER009]

The next material from DJ Mucus, is as always high flying extratone. There are lots of interesting ideas there. You can find noisy tempos, twitched up to the squeak, but also the slower, broken tones, interwaved with interesting samples. You should also notice the track "The treshold" in which the author in clear way points out the slight border between speedcore and extratone. What else there is to say? You just must listen to it!

01. Slimepooper
02. E.S.A. Sound System
03. Rampage At The Strinimaa
04. The Threshhold
05. Wyatt Earp
06. Crowdpleaser
07. Kölner Musiknacht
08. Lipstick On A Pig