piątek, 30 grudnia 2016

Death To Your Eardrums - Satanic Noises [ER018]

Death To Your Eardrums (aka Suicide Death Squad, Pestilence, Black Death and STK) give us 100% Satan Inside, pure extratone madness spiced with a spoon of black metal sulfur. It's basically all what defines both genres. Wheezing gitars, hellish throat exhalations, keys from demented church and real devilish speed - nothing more to add. Ear drums burst but the pain is pleasant.

01. Black Metal Tone
02. Jungle of Noize
03. Satanic Noises
04. Tone Ov Noize

- - - 

niedziela, 18 grudnia 2016

M.A.X The Disintergrator 329 - Antimatter [ER017]

The solo material of one of the members of DDSL (and also EXTRATONE Rec.) is the worst possible extratone ever (of course in the good meaning). Just look at the track titles, to presume with what content you have to deal with in here. Hard, noisy, brutal and vulgar. Warning! Playing this material is creating anti-matter!

01. Antimatter
02. Aftershock
03. SlaughterFucked Disintergration of a Slowcore Whore
04. Fucking & Mutilating
05. WonderTone (Five-Minutes Extra's of Tone)
06. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Ft. Lord Of Sp33d)
07. Spectral Darkness (From The Void)

- - -

poniedziałek, 12 grudnia 2016

DJ Mucus - What The Fuck Is That Shit? [ER016]

The next album, in which Dj Mucus holds the ground on the Extratone scene, as one of the best producers. You can find everything that Mucus accustomed you to, noisy squeaks and mega fast tempos, embellished with a large dose of humour, and distance to the scene. I will take the liberty to quote the author himself: "I wanted to do a small album trolling the shit out of the xtrtn scene, but I didn't have the spunk, so it's not time for everybody to hate me yet. You'll notice that there is some bashing, to take with a pinch of salt, as always, coz I want humour in my music".
Whate else is there to say? Dj Mucus in his top magnificence!

(The material also contains the alternative cover image, and a full disclosure from the author about album)

01. WTF Is That Intro?
02. Faster Than The Beatles
03. Smooth Hellfucker
04. The Free Speech Project
05. Balsamic Only
06. Hammer Splashed Hipster
07. My Take On Fibonacci
08. Civilized Talks
09. Fetish For FETO
10. I Hate Hate
11. Your Life Meets A Happy Ending
12. The Baphomet Is A Tranny

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YouTube PLAYLIST [ER016]
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wtorek, 15 listopada 2016

Gabberdoom - End Times, The Cataclysmic Impact [ER015]

Gabberdomes debut material is half speedcore, half extratone. Generally speaking each track could be a short soundtrack for enclosed in the title end of the world. You can find here (as usual with us) mega fast tempos, ornamented with dark and gloomy climate.

01. End Times Cataclism
02. Cataclismic Impact
03. 3 Days Of Darkness
04. End Of The World

- - -

środa, 2 listopada 2016

Kral - Colours of my Mind [ER014]

Kral, with his debut Ep warps extratone into more calm and experimental regions. You obviously can find that characteristic "vibrating" bass, but it is more in the background, or it is some kind of complement of the tracks composition. Item rather gentle, recommended as a break, or a short offjump from classical headbangers.

01. Externation
02. Mindfucker
03. Psychomatic
04. Unitec

- - -

poniedziałek, 24 października 2016

Hell is Here - Fuck! (For Scums Only) [ER013]

The Ep, which is hitting you, is a short, but tasty bite. In particular the fans of non-compromissable metal, with which extratone is weaving in every single track should be contented. Well, the title, and the cover art of this material speak for themselves. A shot in the face. Nice.

01. Intro
02. Dead Heart
03. Into The Black Delirium
04. Fuck! (For Scums Only)
05. Outro

środa, 12 października 2016

Si.rAk-Sa - I [ER012]

You just can't walk by this EP impassively. It's a closed in a pill cosmic blast, in  which the incidental force is a combination of noize, extratone and breakcore. Listed here mechanico-industrial sounds in a genuine way show the growth of an artist. With pure conscience we can talk about art in here. The bad thing though, is that this material is too short.

01. Preludium to mass destruction
02. GlitRR
03. Toxic water
04. Tabun
05. Sarin

wtorek, 4 października 2016

czwartek, 15 września 2016

EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 4,5 (Music for the TILTED Generation) [ER011]

Here is a new volume of "EXTRATONE Sampler" compilation which doesn't need to be introduced. It isn't though a new part, but rather a continuation of the previous release (that is why the theme is like that) . It contains tracks that had been sent after the deadline, or have been shared with us by artists. From the musical content, you will find as always: those above 1000bmp section, trough those hacked with amens, to "real tones"  with bpm's above 3600.

01. Majcher - Storm
02. Kral - Alien
03. Ayhenmakilz & NeedrazyX - Birdtone
04. Monoqlom - Blue
05. Cunt Kill Bastard - Limits are for Pussys
06. Kral - House
07. NeedrazyX - Le cerveau qui se dévisse
08. Suizid Joker -Todesdruck
09. Cunt Kill Bastard - Fuck You Cunt
10. Kral - My diesel heart
11. NeedrazyX & Lik24 & Ayhenmakilz - Inevitable (Extratone)
12. M.A.X The Disintergrator 329 & Suizid Joker -Todesdruck (The Disintergration of All. version)

sobota, 6 sierpnia 2016

SPaCeyALieN - ExtraTone Dissorder [ER010]

This EP is as i should say a tribute to our label, because the author doesn't produce tracks in this genre. Its short content is characterized by cool jumps in the tempos, and nice to ear samples. You better know!

01. Blow My Dick yo (intro)
02. Ik Wil Me KickSz Boom
03. Extratone Up Your Face Part III
04. ExtraTone Dissorder (outro)

niedziela, 17 lipca 2016

DJ Mucus - Yes Asshole [ER009]

The next material from DJ Mucus, is as always high flying extratone. There are lots of interesting ideas there. You can find noisy tempos, twitched up to the squeak, but also the slower, broken tones, interwaved with interesting samples. You should also notice the track "The treshold" in which the author in clear way points out the slight border between speedcore and extratone. What else there is to say? You just must listen to it!

01. Slimepooper
02. E.S.A. Sound System
03. Rampage At The Strinimaa
04. The Threshhold
05. Wyatt Earp
06. Crowdpleaser
07. Kölner Musiknacht
08. Lipstick On A Pig

wtorek, 7 czerwca 2016

W.S.N. The Soulfucker - Never Ending Apocalipse [ER008]

The sonic content of this material is literally similar to its cover art. There is some glitched sounds, a bit of irregularity and (of course) some deadly tempos. There is some hell, some cosmos. During the hearing process the mind is stratified and blows up, but it a nice way.

01. We Dont Belive In God
02. Dead Ending Time Travel Machine
03. Deadly Black Hole Destroys The Sun
04. Evil Apocaliptic Angels
05. Raping This Piece Of The Universe
06. You Gonna Die Up There
07. You Go To Hell
08. Never Ending Apocalipse ( Killed your mother outro )

poniedziałek, 9 maja 2016

EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 4 (...above US There Is Only SILENCE) [ER007]

Our next (fourth) compilation, showing how diverse style can extratone be. You can find various tracks, ranging from fast dance pills, trough more cosmic styles, and total butchery as well. Those more melodic, and those closer to noise. Everyone should find something for himself. Turn the volume up, blast it, and drop out.

01. 7!cHO - Time is running out ( Introduction to SAMPLER 4th )
02. BlaKk - Doowahdildo ( 7!cHO's ExtraToned EDIT )
03. Coakira - Wayward Princess
04. Kryst - Wielka Gra
05. Cornhole Crucifixion - Jesus Fuck Me
06. DJ Mucus - Your Mom In A Gas Mask
07. Distorted maniac - Raping girl scouts on a sunday afternoon
08. Majcher - Hiper Gówno
09. Rydel & 7!cHO - Fuck You
10. Death Drum -The Day The Sun Died
11. SPaCeyALieN - Another Extratone Up your Face II
12. Cunt Kill Bastard - Distorted amplifiers
13. WDMS - Decapitated Head Blowjob
14. Simi - Spidkororo
15. Mr.Extratone - No Slow! ( Skit )
16. NeedrazyX - Evil noise
17. D.D.S.L - There is Shit in my Tone
18. Eater of Sheep - Static Apocalypse
19. Tim Shopp - Screaming in the woods before being skinned alive
20. PRESSTERROR - Die Kinder Vom Schlachthof Zoo  ( EXTRADRRRRRRTONE VERSION )
21. Si.rAk-Sa - Trochę........
22. Toda - Angry German Kid
23. David W. Goldschmidt - Extratone Please
24. Cornhole Crucifixion - Is it bad to kill innocent people and eat them ( Tony Danza eat them Remix )
25. Prof.Procore - Fly away on wings of Extratone
26. Cuntcutter - You Understand Shit About Extratone World
27. Urbanfailure - Accidentally
28. ZyX Spectrum - Above us is silence ( The Ending )

- - -
YouTube PLAYLIST [ER007]

czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2016

Si.rAk-Sa - Hostis humani generis [ER006]

This Ep, partly created on hardware machines, just by its title (The enemy of human race), reveals its content. Four non-compromising epizodes of noise, weaved with extratone, create this true machine of destruction. You can feel this kind of characteristic vastiness that is spreaded  in the cosmos. Painted on bare skin with broken glass.

01. 00101 Re ad portas complanatis
02. 00201 Hostis humani generis
03. 00301 Galaxies non Vidit deum
04. 00401 Nebula Symbols

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poniedziałek, 11 kwietnia 2016

Virtual Extratone Machine - IX [ER005]

This short aural epizode, with indescribable cybernetic atmosphere, spitted out by VIRTUAL EXTRATONE MACHINE is really worth giving a shot, noise that is pleasant for your ears. If cyborgs would make music,  it would defeneatly sound like this.

01. 21 days being a cy.BORG
03. Virtual Noise

- - -
YouTube PLAYLIST [ER005]
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piątek, 1 kwietnia 2016

D.D.S.L - Chronic Demonic [ER004]

This 8piece creation is hell in it's pure form. Combination of Speedcore/Extratone with a little Black metal spice. Sonic apocalypse in the name of the Lord. Ave!

01. Dont FUCK with me!!!!!
02. Born with Delerium
03. YOU NEED TO DIE!!!!!
05. John5 -The Castle (The Demon Castle of Tone D.D.S.L  Remix)
06. ToneLife All Night All Summer (Fucked Up All Summer Version)
07. Waar is het poesje nauw
08. Kootzoi

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sobota, 12 marca 2016

Needrazyx - Experatone [ER003]

With this ep Needrazyx will take you on a short trip trough cosmos. Four short, and serene (as for extratone) compositions with a slight ambient tint. Ideal for pleasurable listening.

01. Experatone#01
02. Experatone#02
03. Experatone#03
04. Experatone#04

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czwartek, 10 marca 2016

DJ Mucus - Clever Shit [ER002]

This EP from Dj Mucus leaves an impression... tracks on it are classic extratone, brutal and fast as hell. Its industrial mechanics will give You a headache and after listening to this material You will look like that cow from its cover.

01. Too Fast For Extratone
02. I Plan A Poney War Against Myself
03. Hate Is The New Bait
04. Flatliners
05. Can I Has Poland
06. Let's Watch The Ball Game

Free DOWNLOAD [ER002] 
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EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 3 (Underground IN Underground) [ER001]

Third SAMPLER ( Our FIRST official release )

01. Athmosfear SoundControl - Space problem
02. DJ Diahree - Catafalk
03. DJ Mucus - Frenchtone
04. 666speedtone999 - Extracore Annihilation
05. 666speedtone999 - Fractal Enzyme
06. Ctrl 3 (07) - Trepanation
07. Soulfucker - Beats of evil 1
08. Egnal Ramd - Jonesy
09. 666speedtone999 - Rape of an electronic genre that you define hard
10. Tim Shopp - SCREAMMMMM
11. Soulfucker - Beats of evil 2
12. Implant - Battlecruiser
13. DJ SPEAKTERROR - Decapitation
14. 666speedtone999 - TortureTone
15. M.A.X. 329 - Demonic Fury
16. Azis -The World Says Kurrrrrrrrrrrrrrwa
17. The Mother Fucker - Fucking Brain Destrukktion (Gutted 7!cHO Rm-X)
18. Ctrl 3 (07) - 1Kick 1Synth
19. The Disintergrator 329 - Internal Error Pills and Pressure
20. Dj Antitiesto - Wanked On The Moon (KGIOM Extrem Fast Splitter n Extratone RMX)
21. Coakira - Dislike
22. Taylor Hackett & Noise Spammer - Malacoda
23. Hozier - Take Me To Church (Extratone Mixxed by KGIOM)
24. The Disintergrator 329 - Beyond the Growls of Evil
25. 666speedtone999 - Wast BPM
26. Noize Overdose vs. Virtual Extratone Machine - Noise Valley
27. SPaCeyALieN - ExtraTone In Yah Face
28. The Mother Fucker - Extrashish
29. Ralph Brown - Just once
30. Implant - La gran prostituta de Babilonia está aquí con siete cabezas! Aquí entre nosotros!
31. NeedrazyX - 10-22-20-13-18-12-20
32. Cuntcutter - Fuck Off
33. Twi - A story of a sugar powder fairy coffied brain T-10000

- - -
YouTube PLAYLIST [ER001]


Second SAMPLER ( released on "Speedcore  Worldwide - Audio Netlabel )

EXTRATONE Sampler Vol​.​ 1 (Simple .​.​. But POWERFUL)

First SAMPLER ( released on "Speedcore  Worldwide - Audio Netlabel" )