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EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 5 (World Disease) [ER028]

Another volume of our magnificent compilation, in which artists from all over the world had to show their roots trough music, to make it as diverse as possible. Therfore you will find here: heavy German massacre, Dutch loose, technical Japan, hot Brazilian tempo, and much more. Of course, as always, we do not go below 1000BPM. Download it. It's a safe bet.

1. TommY RuleZ - W Szybkim Kinie
2. C.R.O.W. - Bem te vi voou voou Paranaue Parana!!!
3. 666SpeedTone999 - Anti-Fascist's Alarm Ringtone
4. El Krawallo - German National Psycho
5. Cherry Crush - Radio Qj Mi Huq FM
6. NeedrazyX - Extich8b
7. Hersenerosie - Burenruzie
8. Coakira - Social Network Sacrifice
9. Goreshit - St.Pauls
10. The Mother Fucker - Extratone Made in Italy
11. Dzkyin - Frevo's Extratone
12. Monoqlom - Near and Far
13. The Modulator - Posadenia Linda
14. Gabberdoom - Pipo Speedclown
15. Eater of Sheep - YorkshRRRRR
16. Distorted Maniac ft DDSL - Friesvak Herrie
17. Hate Eater - Heroes
18. Extratrolls - Wat een Kutfeest

This compilation is also relesed on CD (limited to 100 copies).
The price is 8EUR + Shipping
If You are interested, send your order here:

Free DOWNLOAD [ER028] (Direct download)
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Free DOWNLOAD [ER028] (From
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