wtorek, 18 grudnia 2018

EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 6.66 (We Start Where Others Reach Their Limits) [ER050]

Another (6th) part of our amazing compilation, as always showing the diversity of this style (genre?). It is also a review of the best artists as well as a field for new ones. This time you get 40 tracks arranged as always in a non-random order. Listen / download and check where your limit is.

(First [direct/archive] link contains MP3 and WAV format. If you wish to download only MP3 please use the second [zippy] link.)

01. Kral - Spx
02. Imil - Corrupted
03. NeedrazyX - Sky Meteorite
04. The Mother Fucker - Do You Want Some Extratone?
05. Anti - The Impotent Dreams of The Rocket Scientist
06. Coakira - Kalashinikova
07. MG Mucus - Explicit Lack Of Style
08. Lord of Speed - Bus lijn 3
09. CryptoKid - Malfunction
10. Hersenerosie - Edges of Sanity
11. Eater of Sheep - Breathe
12. Dzkyin - Ai, Que Delíçia, Cara!
13. Gabberdoom - Self Destruct Zone 2018
14. Loffciamcore - Don-t Be A Slave Of Commercial Music
15. KillerBeats187 - Ear Sickler
16. Death To Your Eardrums - Psytones
17. Eater of Sheep - Nightmare
18. Monoqlom - Downpour
19. Satanoid - Monotone
20. AngryLumberjack - Extratone Destroyed My Party
21. Distorted Maniac - Army of Extratone
22. Lysergide - The Devil
23. Fail - Solaris Confusion
24. Terrormafia & NeedrazyX - Melted Brains
25. 13 Ghouls - Through the Corridors
26. Plazma - Dragged Sample70
27. MCR - White RRRRRRabbit
28. Vector Hex - Centipeter
29. KillerBeats187 - Raping Your Eardrums Musically
30. TommY RuleZ - E.R.A.
31. Kiraken-G Vs. Killer Kenji Vs. Kiraken Factory Vs. Syotalolic Factory - Brave Blazetone
32. Nihilistic Torment - Necrophobic Terror
33. Cywacror - Scheiss in den Kübel
34. 666SpeedTone999 - Multidimensional Excidious
35. Culto do Átomo - Self-loathing and Failure
36. El Diablos Bloncos - Extratone Wash
37. Mal Aliento - ConfuSion MenTal
38. Pidoom - Ambient is nervous
39. Sir Freddy FlipFlop And Zyggggy - If I Find Myself Alone
40. Cornhole Crucifixion - Lets Fucking Go Now And Fuck Like Nasty Pigs

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MG Mucus - Bootlickers Groveling In Excrements [ER049]

MG Mucus (previously DJ Mucus) is back, with another magnificent album. But, let the author speak himself:
"As usual, it starts with some funky stuff then it gets more serious, this time the tracks are in chronological order, so expect the whole listening experience to be more fluid, it's flex after all, you the listener are supposed to make sense of senseless shit but don't expect any suffering award coz those tones are so sweet, less overall disto, a more rounded sound and maybe more bass than my previous releases."

(For the request of artist, first [direct/archive] link contains MP3 and WAV format. If you wish to download only MP3 please use the second [zippy] link.)

01. I Ride My Piaggio To The Moonlight
02. Parent Eggplant
03. They Get Theyr Flex Against Theyr Will
04. Let's Fist A Social Worker
05. Mandatory Tax Evasion
06. Who The Tech Is Pirfuck
07. Fuck The Animal Rights
08. The Road To Fidji Island
09. I Sleep With An Oscilloscope
10. Lake Of Tonal Mucus
11. Organic Loop From Belzebub
12. Hi Hat Of Doom
13. The Douaumont T-Bone Party
14. Scrabble Delights
15. Your Mom In A Burlap
16. Artists Are Assholes

Bonus: Blah (Author note)

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