środa, 20 grudnia 2017

Gabberdoom - Moments In Life [ER036]

There are such moments in life, when buying a bottle of liquor would be appropriate thing to do. EP which goes to You right now, is like that bottle, from Gabberdoom, on his 50th birthday. It is noble, and long maturing liquor (in limited edition - as we can read on label), with a power of pure fire. Cheers!

01. Never Forget
02. The past ...
03. You don't know me!
04. Half a Century 

- - -

poniedziałek, 11 grudnia 2017

7!cHO - EXTRATONE FUNkill [ER035]

The continuation, or if You prefer, the second part of released some time ago (by 1000+) "EXTRATONE FUNky". It is hard to write something about own material, so let's try this way:

... a bit of philosophy, a bit of fun, and some killing speed...

01. Just Ashes and Amen
02. If Music is a Woman, I treat Her like a Whore
03. FUNkill Fodder
04. Paris HILL Tone
05. Becouse I CAN
07. Ear Burner 

- - -
- - -