czwartek, 15 września 2016

EXTRATONE Sampler Vol. 4,5 (Music for the TILTED Generation) [ER011]

Here is a new volume of "EXTRATONE Sampler" compilation which doesn't need to be introduced. It isn't though a new part, but rather a continuation of the previous release (that is why the theme is like that) . It contains tracks that had been sent after the deadline, or have been shared with us by artists. From the musical content, you will find as always: those above 1000bmp section, trough those hacked with amens, to "real tones"  with bpm's above 3600.

01. Majcher - Storm
02. Kral - Alien
03. Ayhenmakilz & NeedrazyX - Birdtone
04. Monoqlom - Blue
05. Cunt Kill Bastard - Limits are for Pussys
06. Kral - House
07. NeedrazyX - Le cerveau qui se dévisse
08. Suizid Joker -Todesdruck
09. Cunt Kill Bastard - Fuck You Cunt
10. Kral - My diesel heart
11. NeedrazyX & Lik24 & Ayhenmakilz - Inevitable (Extratone)
12. M.A.X The Disintergrator 329 & Suizid Joker -Todesdruck (The Disintergration of All. version)