niedziela, 18 grudnia 2016

M.A.X The Disintergrator 329 - Antimatter [ER017]

The solo material of one of the members of DDSL (and also EXTRATONE Rec.) is the worst possible extratone ever (of course in the good meaning). Just look at the track titles, to presume with what content you have to deal with in here. Hard, noisy, brutal and vulgar. Warning! Playing this material is creating anti-matter!

01. Antimatter
02. Aftershock
03. SlaughterFucked Disintergration of a Slowcore Whore
04. Fucking & Mutilating
05. WonderTone (Five-Minutes Extra's of Tone)
06. Legion Of Speedcore Anthem (Ft. Lord Of Sp33d)
07. Spectral Darkness (From The Void)

- - -

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