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Gabberdoom - Lucifer [ER042]

I cannot deny that if I talk about extratone - he is one of my favourite artists, and that's why it so difficult for me to keep this description impartial. The Album is overpacked with it's characteristic style: distorted kicks and samples, strongly flavored with overclocked tempos. Played correctly (loud) will stroke and tickle your heads from the inside.  Handle with care, Lucifer inside!

(For the request of artist, first [direct/archive] link contains MP3 and WAV format. If you wish to download only MP3 please use the second [zippy] link.)

[Original artwork by Paul Gustave Doré]

01. Ganz Muzik
02. Begin!
03. Follow ur Demons
04. Lethal Weapon
05. Kill 4 tis
06. Murder scene
07. (666) Si U in Hell
08. What the Hell
09. Nightmares become Reality
10. The virus

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